Modern developments in theoretical population genetics
the legacy of Gustave Malécot

Montgomery Slatkin and Michel Veuille editors
Oxford University Press, 2002, 264 p.

Hardcover: ISBN 0 19 859962 5, £ 60.00
Paperback: ISBN 0 19  859963 3, £ 27.50.

1 .- The Malécot lineage in population genetics, by M. Veuille and M. Slatkin

2 .- The scientific work of Gustave Malécot 1911-1998 .- our common heritage by Michel Gillois

3 .- Applications and extensions of Malécot's work in human genetics by Newton E. Morton

4 .- Usefulness of the identity coefficients for assessing evolutionary forces by Tomoko Ohta

5 .- Pre-speciation coalescence and the effective size of ancestral populations by Naoyuki Takahata and Yoko Satta

6 .- Recent applications of diffusion theory to population genetics by Wolfgang Stephan and Yuseob Kim

7 .- Ancestral inference from gene trees by R. C. Griffiths

8 .- Contrasts for a within-species comparative method by Joseph Felsenstein

9 .- The relationship between coalescence times and population divergence times by Noah Rosenberg and Marcus Feldman

10 .- Spatio-temporal properties of gene genealogies in geographically structured populations by Bryan K. Epperson

11 .- Linkage analysis and coalescents by Warren Ewens and Norman Kaplan

12 .- Separation of time scales and convergence to the coalescent in structured populations by Magnus Nordborg and Stephen M. Krone

13 .- The age of alleles by Montgomery Slatkin