Malécot symposium


  Invited papers
Warren J. Ewens Simplicity and complexity in evolutionary population genetics
John F. C. Kingman How many alleles are likely at a locus?
Robert C. Griffiths Ancestral inference from gene trees
Thomas Nagylaki Neutral models of geographical variation
Nicholas H. Barton and Frantz Depaulis Gene frequencies and genealogies in spatially continuous populations
Bryan K. Epperson Spatial-temporal properties of gene genealogies in geographically structured populations
Tomoko Ohta Usefulness of identity coefficient for analysing gene diversity
Montgomery Slatkin Genealogies of alleles
Richard R. Hudson Sampling properties of two-locus linkage disequilibrium
Joseph Felsenstein The comparative method within species: contrasts and migration matrices
Michel Gillois Gustave Malécot’s scientific heritage
  Contributed papers
Daniel A. Vasco and Yun-Xin Fu Least square phylogenetic estimators for coalescents in variable environments
Masaru Iizuka Effect of temporal fluctuation of population size on effective size
Allen G. Rodrigo Coalescent Methods for Measurably Evolving Populations
Kevin J. Dawson Bayesian inference of population history and identification of marker loci that have responded to selection
Mikkel H. Schierup, Xavier Vekemans and Deborah Charlesworth Population genetics of self-recognition systems in a subdivided population
Nicolas Bierne, Anne Tsitrone and Patrice David An identity-by-descent model of associative overdominance during a population bottleneck
François Rousset and Sylvain Billiard The theoretical basis of measures of kin selection in subdivided populations
Oliver J. Hardy and Xavier Vekemans Spatial autocorrelation analysis in the context of population genetics theory
Nathalie Raufaste and François Bonhomme Construction of a test of neutrality with two multiallelic estimators of Fst
Jean-Louis Foulley and William G. Hill Some considerations about the precision of estimated genetic distances
Max Shpak and Nick Barton The Stability of Symmetric Solutions to Polygenic Models
Ellen Baake and Holger Wagner Mutation-selection models solved exactly through statistical mechanics
Video Gustave Malécot’s last lecture, Lille 1998

Abstracts can be obtained from Michel Veuille